Daan Manneke

Daan Manneke was born in Kruiningen, the Netherlands, in 1939. He studied both organ and composition at the Brabants Conservatorium in Tilburg, with people such as Jan van Dijk and Louis Toebosch. He continued his organ studies with the Belgian organist Kamiel D'Hooge in Brussels and his composition studies with Ton de Leeuw in Amsterdam. In 1976, Daan Manneke was awarded the Composition Prize at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. At the moment, he is engaged by this very same Conservatorium as Master of composition and analysis of 20th century music. Daan Manneke has composed about 150 works for very differing strengths and ensembles, with several compositions having been awarded prizes. The majority of his compositions have been published by Donemus in Amsterdam. Daan Manneke is founder and leader of the Capella Breda chamber choir.


About the music of Daan Manneke

Ton de Leeuw once wrote: "His compositions are the result of a fusion between two opposite forces that live within him. On the one hand, the will to translate his own creative energy; to canalise it into tight, abstract sound structures, which require time, distance and a great deal of technical insight. On the other hand, the inclination towards direct action, the translation of the creative pulses into an immediate, emotionally charged gesture. (...) Throughout his entire work, we encounter constants: the need of strong, direct contrasts, for both signal-like motives and complexes, for sensual, almost tangible sound colours, for plastic musical gestures, as if the composer were writing for an imaginary theatre. This enhances his work with an extravert, bodily character."

IBAN: NL13INGB 0002 5779 49
KvK:  40282160